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Composite Cable Assemblies

Blackhawk Enterprises manufactures custom composite CCTV Cables for the ITS industry.  The composite cable consists of video, data, power and optional spare wiring.  Cable can be purchased in any length as raw cable, cable assembled with customer provided connector or cable assembled with Blackhawk provided connector.

Completed cable assemblies in large lengths (>50ft) will come spooled, with the option for the connector spooled on the inside or outside to make running the cable easier during installation.

Blackhawk Enterprises can make any other custom cables that you may need for a variety of applications.  Call today to get a quote on the cable you need.

Composite Cable Assembly CutSheets

  BH-CCTV-IP-xx-CONN   Blackhawk Standard Composite Cable Assembly for IP cameras.
  BH-RTMS-xx   CONTACT ISS for Pricing and Availability



Composite Cable Types:

We can have any type of cable manufactured for your application.  Some of the more common cable types are:

  BH-026   IP Domes   Cat6e for IP, 2 cond. 14ga.
  RTMS SX-300 Cable Types.pdf  

Free shipping on 1000ft. spools



Analog CCTV Wiring Information:

24VAC+ Power  14ga. Red #1 OR 16ga. Red #1 and #2

24VAC-  Power  14ga. Red #2 OR 16ga. Red #3 and #4

(the 16ga. wires can be doubled)


Simplex Operation

CMD IN+ (to camera)  Green

CMD IN - (to camera)  White


Duplex Operation

RESP OUT + (from camera) Red

RESP OUT -  (from camera) Black



RS232 to RS-422 Converters:

When using a PC to communicate directly to a camera, an RS-232 to RS-422 converter is required.  There are numerous brands and styles available, but only certain ones work.  The two units below have been proven to work with internal serial ports as well as with USB serial ports.


B&B Electronics:  422PP9TB

Black Box:  IC1473A-F


RS-422/RS-485 Wiring:

Composite cables manufactured by Blackhawk Enterprises that have RS-422 or RS-485 do NOT have the data drain wired in the MS-Connector.  The drain wire should be terminated to the cabinet ground on the tag end of the composite cable assembly, typically on the surge protection device.